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Nimrod Dyna Lightning B2

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Product id: DL-B2

Price: 15€

Even lighter than the DS upgraged version! Material from the rear of the arm has been removed, the side profile of the ribs is increased for extra torsional rigidity, and shape is just... well, gorgeous! :-P Made from our carbon - plastic composite. You can see the carbon inside! The shock screw holes have embedded copper inserts so no more threaded plastic issues; and you can use shorter screws thus saving weight.

All Nimrod parts are made to order and made by hand. Our parts are bespoke and individually numbered. Since the parts are hand made every part is unique and lovingly polished and packed. It is our policy that all parts are tested thoroughly and where possible raced by our team. At Nimrod we are BIG fans of the Tamiya Dyna Storm, to date the ultimate 2WD race buggy from Tamiya. Despite being more than 17 years old it can still cut it on track, and we love the idea of this vintage buggy giving hard to the modern upstarts. At heart it's a passionate goal to get the DS on the podium by udating the weak parts and using modern materials when benefits can be had. A core issue of DS performance is weight, and reduction of this while keeping integrity is a bit theme in our new materials and improved design approach. We welcome ideas and feedback and hope we stirr your passion for the DS and you get one on track soon!
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